Maximon - desktop installer - annual subscription

Turbo-charge your Word experience with the Maximon software installer for PC
The Maximon desktop installer allows you to install the full Maximon legal drafting suite on one PC. 
This gives you all the features below, online or offline, within a secure software container.
The software is based on an annual subscription fee. In exchange you'll get access to the software together with updates and email support.
This product is for the local software installer. If you wish to use the Maximon cloud app (available through the Microsoft Office Add-in Store), please see the "Maximon - cloud app" product.
Defined terms
📖︎ View definitions in a convenient sidebar
⚠︎ Error check definitions against capitalised terms
🔍︎ Review all defined terms as a table or an intuitive visual map
✎︎ Autocomplete defined terms as you type, or insert through the sidebar
Customise Word
👍︎ Fix a range of common annoyances in Word
Document data
💻︎ Manage hidden personal information and junk data in documents
🔓︎ Unlock editing restrictions on Word documents and even PDFs
Cross-references and paragraph numbering
🗲︎ Automate paragraph numbering and cross references
✎︎ Insert cross references without picking through Word's built in interface, through the sidebar or autocomplete as you type
⚠︎ Automatically detect and fix broken cross references
Maximon is smart but friendly
✔︎ Works on third party documents without preparation
✔︎ Automates document content based on context and heuristic algorithms
✔︎ Optimized for speed
✔︎ Intuitive interface, seamless in Word
See the Maximon home page for a comparison of product options.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 or later
  • Microsoft Word (older versions substantially supported, but latest version always recommended).
  • Administrator permission to run installer
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Works offlineYes
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
Requires local software installationYes
Microsoft Office Add-in Store productNo